Women, don't just be sad about Child Abuse, do something about it right NOW!!!
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Location: Locations across America: Corporate Office, 200 S. 10th St. suite 1700, McAllen, McAllen, TX, 78501
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Chicktime is a movement of women setting up networks all across America who are taking their place. Visit our website to find a network in your area and click on the Established Chapter Menu:

We find it unacceptable to sit by and do nothing as the children in our local communities are repeatedly abused and neglected day after day. Our role is simple. We tangibly love these children of abuse. They are easy to find. There are children's homes in every community across our nation... filled with children RIGHT NOW who are hurting and alone. We must go to them. Love on them. And let them know they are precious and they matter. Visit to find a chapter in your area. If one does not exist, setting up a new chapter is easy and we are here to help you.

To get started read through our short book to learn next steps. We welcome you to download a free copy:

We are here to help you follow your dreams and take the plunge. We encourage you to organize a chapter if one does not exist in your area. You will experience joy you never in a million years dreamed even existed.

Lori Rhodes, Chicktime Founder

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