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Location: 295 CONVENT AVE APT 66, New York, NY, 10031
Project Details

Active Plus has served the community by providing children with the necessary tools to live a healthy
and active lifestyle. Our programs are led by top health educators and fitness instructors and focus on
holistic health education. The combination of fitness and nutrition programs delivered in schools makes
Active Plus a unique and comprehensive force to drive improved results in the areas of classroom
performance, childhood obesity, and healthy lifestyle.

Serve a two-year term on the Board to be eligible for re-appointment for one additional term. Attend all
Board and committee or task force meetings as assigned, and special meetings as appropriate.
(75% minimum attendance required). Board meetings will be held monthly and committee meetings will
be determined by committee members.

* Willing to accept and promote the mission, goals and objectives of Active Plus.
* Possesses professional expertise and influence needed by Active Plus and/or represents one or
more constituencies needed to provide balance to the Board’s membership.
* Has demonstrated significant leadership capability in the community and is willing to provide
that expertise to the operation of the Board and its committees.
* Willing to make a personal financial contribution at a level that demonstrates commitment and
sets a standard for others and is willing to ask others to give.
* Able and willing to serve effectively as a public representative of the organization and involve
others in the work of Active Plus.

Active Plus’ mission statement is simple but is a full expression of our purpose and is the mantra that
drives our everyday actions. Active Plus’ mission and core values are an integral part of the strategic
plan and provide the foundation for the future. Our mission is to change lives by providing youth access
to health and fitness education

To serve as an active voting member of the legally constituted volunteer group which has authority and
responsibility for the development of policies and continuing review of the conduct of the business of
Active Plus. To raise funds to support the organization’s programs offered at Active Plus. Also, as a
"working board member", partner with the Executive Director to fulfill management and technical
functions as needed based on board members expertise.

* Promote the mission, goals, and objectives of Active Plus to increase public awareness,
understanding and support of the organization.
* Contribute an annual gift of $1000.
* Through personal resources or through the cultivation of new donor relationships, you are
asked to set an annual goal of securing funds to support Active Plus.
* Attend all Board and committee or task force meetings as assigned, and special meetings as
* Commit to serve on at least one standing committee or task force and to accept special
* Attend all special activities of the Board, including fundraising events and such Board events or
retreats as may be planned.
* Spend time studying and evaluating issues to become informed and prepared to discuss and
vote on issues facing Active Plus. Each board member is expected to vote their position after
careful consideration of the issue. Tasks which will require preparation and a vote by Board
members include:
o Decisions on issues, policies, priorities, goals and objectives;
o Participation with other Board members and staff in the formulation, updating, and
approval of long-range strategies and objectives;
o Nomination and election of members and officers of the Board;
o Monitoring and evaluation of the effectiveness of the projects and programs and assure
these projects and programs are progressing toward achieving stated objectives; and,
* Support the resolutions and actions of the Board of Directors irrespective of personal opinion as
to any such resolution or action.
* Assist the Board in carrying out its fiduciary responsibilities such as reviewing annual financial
statements, budgets and accounting practices
* Assure a process is in place to select, employ, and periodically evaluate the performance of the
* President/ Executive Director.

General requirements


  • Must be at least 30
  • 5 hours per week
  • Category
    Board Development
    Skills Area
    Physical Education
    Marketing & Communications (Mar/Com)