Green Street Rescue
Cat Wranglers Needed at Cat Cafe
Company: Green Street Rescue
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Location: 2713 W. Girard St., Philadelphia, PA, 19130
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Le Cat Café - Volunteer Duties

Below is a guideline of things that need to be done daily at the cafe. Check-in with the front desk manager to determine what things on the list needs to take priority for your scheduled shift once approved to volunteer.


  • Take a cat count
  • Feed the cats wet food - split up 8 cans and put into 12 dishes on the trays - use clean dishes
  • With the existing dishes on the floor - put leftover food in one big bowl and put outside for the feral cats
  • Clean and dry the prior feeding dishes. Put on top of the washer for the evening feeding
  • Thoroughly wash out cans and lids and put in recycle bin
  • Wipe the trays clean
  • Scoop all litter boxes - sweep up around them, replenish with more litter if needed
  • Clean up any accidents on the floors downstairs - look under the air conditioning unit and near the front of the room
  • Mop up any messes
  • Sweep up the area that the cats are going into the roof
  • Do laundry (collect all soiled linens, cushions, etc and run the washer, fold any linens that are in dryer and put away).
  • Put fresh water out - use filtered water from upstairs
  • Refill the dry food - make sure you are using the cafe cat’s food and not feral cats food
  • Organize the food,litter and cleaning supplies
  • Clean out cat cages (replace litter boxes, remove dirty dishes, wipe down cages, and line with fresh towels for new cats)
  • Assist front desk manager with any additional daily tasks
  • Upstairs
  • Turn on all lights
  • Open up door to front window so that the cats can go out - make sure the area is tidy
  • Vacuum and mop the floors
  • Wipe down all benches, ledges, table and counter with cleaner
  • Vacuum the chair cushions with the Dyson - replug in to charge after
  • Wipe down the wall baseboards and look for cat accidents
  • Refill all dry food and water (upstairs bowls)
  • Clean Kuerig, Refill k cups & supplies
  • Organize cabinets
  • Take inventory of supplies and let manager know of any restocking needs
  • You can find our volunteer application on our website. Please fill out and submit on line and we will be in touch.
  • General requirements


  • Background Check
  • Must be at least 18
  • Orientation or Training
  • a minimum of 5 hours per month
  • orientation class required
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    Skills Area
    Customer Service
    Graphic Design