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Hospice Volunteers make a difference in Hutto and Round Rock
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Location: Hutto and Round Rock, Hutto, TX, 78634
Project Details

We are looking for Hospice Patient Support Volunteers in Hutto and Round Rock who will provide a break for the caregiver. Not all caregivers are lucky enough to have the support to take a break. What this means is they are giving 24/7 to others without being able to replenish themselves! It also can mean that a caregiver has to go out and leave a patient alone - not ideal at all! Or comfortable for the caregiver.

What a caregiver break may look like: going to the store, going to their own doctor's appointment, getting their hair cut, going out to lunch with a friend, volunteering at church, taking a nap or bath uniterrupted, gardening, taking their kids to an activity, .....

If you choose to give these caregivers a break.....

This means first you and the caregiver would come up with a schedule. Then you would stay with the patient(s) while the caregiver takes a break. During these breaks which are normally around 2 hours long, you would be a friendly visitor. As a friendly visitor you don't provide any personal/medical care, but you do visit with the patient(s) when they are up to it. Your main job is to make sure they are safe while their caregiver is able to go out for a bit and not be stressed about leaving their loved ones at home!

Our biggest needs right now are with two families:

  • One is a daughter who has both of her parents on our service. She would love to have a Volunteer come and stay with them while she ran errands. The daughter is very flexible!
  • The second family would like a Volunteer to come on Monday and/or Wednesday afternoons from around 3:30 - 5:00 to stay with dad while he is alone in the house.
  • I so hope you will consider helping these families out!

    OUR MONTHLY ORIENTATION IS SATURDAY, JULY 26TH. Please let me know if you are interested! I ask that you include your phone number as it is (for me) a more personal way to communicate! Katrina:)

    General requirements


  • Background Check
  • Must be at least 18
  • Orientation or Training
  • you decide
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