River Keepers
Storm Drain Marking Program
Company: River Keepers
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Location: Fargo, ND, 58102, US
Project Details

Volunteers are needed to adhere curb markers next to storm drains and distribute door hangers to houses along the streets that are marked. This is a flexible project that can volunteers can help choose the time, date, and location either in Fargo or Moorhead.

Everything that goes down storm drains in the streets goes right to the Red River without being cleaned first. The Storm Drain Marking Program was started to help educate the public about this. Markers say, "No Dumping Drain to River," while the door hangers tell residents what not to put down storm drains and why.

This is a great volunteer opportunity to do at a scheduled day/time or can be done on your own time. Have questions? contact Kim at 701-356-8915 or kimberly@riverkeepers.org

General requirements


  • 2 hours
  • Volunteers need to dress for the weather and the weather needs to be at least 50 degrees
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