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Groups needed to make Memory Books!
Company: Providence TrinityCare Hospice
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Location: 42 w jimmie Leeds road, Galloway, NJ, 08205
Project Details

We are in need of invididuals and/or groups to work on our Memory Book project!

We are a hospice agency serving the terminally ill throughout New Jersey. Many of our patients have Alzheimer’s or Dementia, which are debilitating diseases of memory loss. Most of them have lost their short term memory and can no longer recognize their families, friends and surroundings; but their long term memory consisting of their childhood or years past can remain intact.

Therefore, we create Memory Books, in which we categorize items such as food, holidays, sports, cars, flowers/gardens, people, people showing emotion such as hugs, etc. Volunteers create these books by finding and cutting out pictures or scenes from magazines, cards, calendars, etc. We sit with the patients and review these categories to see if any memory is stimulated and many times it is.

We have had great results with this over the years as a tool for the mental stimulation for these patients. It takes a lot of time, hours and dedication to put these books together and a great deal of material is needed to complete them.

This is truly a community project that touches and adds to the quality of life for our patients. Grace Healthcare Services is happy to provide all materials needed to make these books. The books can be made from the comfort of your own group setting! We will arrange for the Volunteer Coordinator to drop off and pick up supplies.

We look forward to working with you!

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  • 1 hour per week
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    Children & Youth
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    Visual Arts
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