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Company: MicroMentor | An initiative of Mercy Corps
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Your professional skills can help small businesses grow and create jobs. Volunteer as a mentor on MicroMentor.org and make a meaningful connection with a business owner. Mentors join, search for entrepreneurs to assist online, and once connected, serve as a coach and trusted guide.

This volunteer opportunity is extremely flexible - you set the schedule and the expectations with your mentee. Meanwhile, our support staff is by your side every step of the way to help you succeed as a mentor.

Some entrepreneurs need a sounding board or general industry advice, while others are looking for targeted technical advising.

Put your business skills to good use and help a small business owner today.

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"Bill's advice has been exactly what I needed and I am very grateful that seasoned professionals like him choose to volunteer their time." - Tracy, business owner on MicroMentor


  • Give Back: Entrepreneurs who work with our mentors grow their revenue by an average of $60,000, or 120%. Our 2012 Business Outcomes Report illustrates the real impact mentors make in the lives of small business owners.
  • Develop your skills: Even though mentors come to the relationship with substantial business experience, they frequently develop new skills as a teacher and coach by mentoring.
  • Learn from entrepreneurs: Connected entrepreneurs on average spend 14 hours with their mentors. Conversations with entrepreneurs expose mentors to new industries, challenges, experiences, and ideas. Our mentors frequently report that they feel like they get much more than they give.
  • General requirements


  • 3 hours a month for 3 months
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    Board Development
    Skills Area
    Sales Marketing
    Business Planning
    Legal (General)