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Volunteer Abroad in Quito Ecuador: Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteer Abroad in Quito: Quito is the capital of Ecuador and the countries second largest city with an estimated population of about 2.1 million people. The beautiful, bustling city sits high in the Andes Mountains an altitude over 9000 ft. Quito's Old Town is a wonder with neighborhoods lined with colonial architecture, some of it dating to the mid 1500s when the Spanish founded the city. With its rich cultural treasures, large open plazas surrounded by cathedrals and stately public buildings, Quito has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a place of delicious food, friendly people, wonderful Andean music and colorful marketplaces.

Nearly 60% of Quito's population lives in extreme poverty. These areas often lack such basic services as electricity and running water. Many of the urban poor are migrants from rural areas who come to the city in search of a better life. Unfortunately, there are few opportunities for employment. Poverty can lead not only to malnutrition, illness, delinquency, alcoholism and domestic violence, it also worsens environmental contamination.

We offer orphanage and teaching placements throughout the city.With our volunteer program we allow you to discover the wonders of Quito, while doing meaningful community work.

This is a great opportunity to enhance your Spanish knowledge, live with the locals and realize one person can make a difference.

We offer the following programs in Quito:

Program Length : 1-24 weeks
Program Date: Flexible Start & End Date
Work Schedule: Monday-Friday, 8 hour per day
Accommodations: Local guesthouse or homestay
Meals: Yes, 3 meals a day
Requirements: 18 years , Basic Spanish knowledge, an able body and caring spirit.

Social Projects:

You can help children of scare economic resources who come from poor homes. In many cases they have been abandoned by their parents. You can help them improve their living conditions, through support of the special center for children care. These projects are offer volunteer options in institutions like orphanages, nurseries, juvenile homes, day care centers, street children centers, and the facilities for the elderly.

Day Care Center for Poor Children:

We several projects, located throughout Quito helping the poor, underprivileged children or those with handicaps (blind and deaf children). Some projects work with kids age's 2-4years old. We also have project working with older children 5-16yrs old.

The parents of the children are so poor that they cannot afford to keep their children healthy or well fed. The projects serve as a day care, kindergarten and support center. Volunteers assist the local staff with the basic needs such as feeding, bathing and clothing, helping with homework, playing sports, as well arranges games and day trips with the kids. Teaching basic English, as well as manual labor (sweeping, painting, and gardening) may be involved. Basic in Spanish is required, as well as a positive and flexible attitude.

Street Children' Program:

This project helps the abandoned, mistreated children that are forced to live in the dangerous streets every day.These shelters typically care for 40-50 children from 2 to 16 years old, providing them with meals, a place to live, and an education for a temporary time.

This project tries to reinsert them in their families as much as possible. These projects also support local schools with after school programs and meal. Volunteers help with providing the basic needs such as teaching basic math, Spanish, English, providing emotional support in a loving, caring surrounding. Arrange games, day trips and basically teach the children to be "kids" again. Proficiency in Spanish is needed, as well as a positive and flexible attitude.

Education/Vocational Programs:

Teaching English is an educational program designed to help children of poor families obtain their principal right to an education, which would otherwise be difficult to obtain. The centers are located in very poor neighborhoods with scarce economic resources. These programs give a primary education to over 100 children between 3 and 12 years of age. Right now the schools are understaffed and appreciate the assistance of our volunteers. Volunteers are needed in the areas of art, music, ceramics, handcrafts, culinary and sports. Basic/Proficiency in Spanish is needed, as well as a positive and flexible attitude.

Language & Cultural Immersion:

Delve into a new language! We provide you the chance to fully immerse into Ecuadorian culture and learn Spanish.

Spanish is taught on a one on one student teacher ratio or up to three students per group, focusing in conversation practice, grammar, readings and the vocabulary according to the student level and needs.

The program is based in 20 hours per week, 4 hours per day from Monday through Friday. Students at all levels are welcome. The school is located in the center of town. You choose morning or afternoon classes. The remainder of your day you will volunteer at a local orphanage or school helping children learn English. The total immersion is 1 to 4 weeks, program includes:

  • Home stay with Ecuatorian Family includes private bedroom and bathroom
  • 3 meals a day
  • Cultural weekend activities (cooking classes, dance lessons, & more)
  • Airport arrival and departure transfers
  • Orientation and sightseeing day
  • Local project director available 24/7 hr
  • Volunteering opportunities within the community
  • Program Includes:

    Accommodation with a local host family. All meals daily. Airport transfers on arrival and departure. Our local Project Coordinators will provide orientation & city tour with lunch, introduction and placement in a volunteer work project. Half day (4 hours) Spanish language lessons. The project coordinator is available 24/7 in case of emergency, health-related or otherwise. They can assist in arranging sightseeing excursion before, during or after the volunteer program.

    Tel: 1-215-780-1845 / Toll Free: 1-866-423-3258 / Fax: 1-215-887-0915
    volunteers@abroaderview.org - www.abroaderview.org

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  • Must be at least 18
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