Midwest Brain Injury Clubhouse
We need Volunteers to help the brain injured community of Chicago!
Company: Midwest Brain Injury Clubhouse
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Location: Chicago, IL, 60607, US
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Midwest Brain Injury Clubhouse Programs:

The Clubhouse is a day program for adults with brain injury and stroke. The Clubhouse Model is based on the idea that work is healing for people and that everyone needs a purpose and productive activity. Members of the Clubhouse, with assistance of staff, are responsible for all of the daily operations through Work Units. In doing so, new and old skills can be learned to improve cognitive, physical and emotional abilities. All members are recognized for their contribution, no matter how big or small. Work Units & Programs: Business Unit, Kitchen Unit, Education & Employment Unit, Community Outings, Health & Wellness Programs.

How do I help? The purpose of your assisting the members is to teach them a skill or lead an activity. Many of the activities are designed to give members a way to be productive active people. Therefore, you help by either simplifying the activity, breaking it into manageable steps or giving instructions on how to complete it. Please do not do the activity or the job for the member! It is okay to let someone struggle a little. Make sure to give your support and praise for their efforts and assist by making the task manageable. No one gets better by having YOU do theirwork. Think of yourself as a teacher and these are your students.

Positions available:

Direct Service - Working directly with members in the particular unit

Administration - Work the reception desk, work with members who are learning to use phones, also includes some paperwork

Instructors - Lead a class (based on your skills, for example, art, exercise, sports, reading, computer software, foreign languages, etc.)

The Clubhouse is in need of volunteers who can commit to at least 3 hours a week from 8 am - 4 pm, Monday - Friday, for at least a 6 month period. Consistency is key for the support our members need. Please contact me if you have any questions. We need your help as soon as possible. You will have an initial meeting/orientation with the Work Unit Coordinator and a chance to observe the daily routine. On your second visit, you will begin working on your assignment. Learn more about the clubhouse model at http://www.iccd.org/whatis.html.

General requirements


  • Must be at least 18
  • Category
    People With Disabilities
    Skills Area
    People Skills
    Problem Solving
    Relationship Building
    Physical Therapy