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Marketing Specialist
Company: Archaeological Legacy Institute
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Location: 4147 East Amazon Drive, Eugene, OR, 97405
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Background: Archaeological Legacy Institute (ALI) is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization based in Eugene. Our nonprofit public mission is to tell the human story through the use of digital technology with an emphasis on media programming. Our streaming-media Web site, The Archaeology Channel (; TAC), has become one of the world’s most popular Web sites relating to archaeology and the human cultural heritage, with annual traffic of a million page views. ALI also produces The Archaeology Channel International Film Festival, an annual cultural event in downtown Eugene. We currently work out of a home office and are looking to move into commercial office space. ALI has numerous opportunities for unlimited growth as an Internet media and public outreach organization and needs to expand its volunteer work force in order to take advantage of these opportunities. Some of our volunteers may become our employees, depending upon their productivity and effectiveness.

Hourly Commitment: 10 hours per week or by negotiation

Compensation: This is a volunteer position.

Job Purpose: To recruit sponsor support for our programming, products and services through the systematic use of email, telephone, print, and other modes of direct and mass-marketing communication.

Description: Our mission requires that we make the public aware of our programs and services and that we market our products and services for fund-raising purposes. Our Marketing Specialist will be responsible for finding and communicating with program sponsors, especially for our monthly show Strata: Portraits of Humanity from TAC cable TV show, and possibly also for marketing our Web site, film festival, video and audio programs, and video production and other technical services. This is a chance to help accelerate the progress of a dynamic and growing nonprofit enterprise. You will be joining an innovative team on a mission to create a unique media organization with worldwide influence. Your help here will have a direct impact on ALI's productivity and ability to pursue its public mission. And the experience you gain will be directly transferable to other technical positions you may seek in the future.

Key Responsibilities: Sponsor recruitment, marketing of products and services.

Requirements: We prefer people who have interest and some experience in marketing and promotion. The more experience in this area the better, of course. We will train you in the day-to-day tasks so that you can take them on yourself with confidence. Must be local.

To Apply: Contact Dr. Richard Pettigrew by telephone (541-345-5538) or e-mail ( A resume is required.

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  • Must be at least 18
  • 10 hours per week or by negotiation.
  • resume.
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    Marketing Analytics
    Marketing & Communications (Mar/Com)
    Business Development
    Market Research