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Social Justice in the Fresh Air!
Company: Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles
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Location: 3742 Grand AvenueOakland, CA 94610
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Your time is valuable! Make a difference. Spend your volunteer time spreading the word about social justice for the African (black) community while enjoying the sunshine and some physical exercise. We go every Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 3pm. We go as a group. On each shift, we do one of the following activities:

- Hang Posters (in store windows or on wooden poles)
- Distribute door hangers, from house to house in Oakland and Berkeley (no ringing doorbells etc. We just hang the door hanger on the knob).
- Hand out leaflets to people at Festivals throughout the Bay Area. The door hangers, posters and leaflets let people know that they can make donations of furniture, vehicles, hot tubs and collectibles to Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles, an economic development institution of the African People's Education & Defense Fund. Our mission is to build campaigns & programs to address the disparities in social justice, economic development, health and education of the African community. Check out www.apedf.org. We meet on site (site changes weekly) Individuals and groups welcome! We will be outside for several hours. Good shoes are recommended. Contact: email apedf.volunteer@yahoo.com 510-763-3342
Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles 3742 Grand Ave., Oakland, CA 94610 www.apedf.org