Audio & Braille Literacy Enhancement, Inc. (ABLE)
Braille Transcriber
Company: Audio & Braille Literacy Enhancement, Inc. (ABLE)
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Location: 803 W Wells St, Central Library Bldg, Milwaukee, WI, 53233
Project Details


Are you interested in learning something new? Do you like a challenge? Braille is a fascinating code that will keep you interested and challenged.


* Adult (18+ Years)
* A high school diploma or equivalent
* A resident of Milwaukee or Southeast Wisconsin
* Must own a PC and be have basic computer skills - experience with Windows and knowledge of basic file management
* A good knowledge of English
* Able to read standard size print
* Attention to detail and a "perfectionist" attitude
* Strong problem solving skills
* Able to complete training and certification (see below)
* Long-term commitment (at least 12 months)

Time Commitment:

This is an ongoing and long-term commitment. We ask a minimum of 8 hours per week, ongoing, with more time required if Library of Congress certification is necessary.


Certification by The Library of Congress will be required for this position. Please visit for more information on the braille transcription course. We can help you sign up for their online course.


At home, or at our office in the Central Library Building in downtown Milwaukee.

General requirements


  • Background Check
  • Must be at least 18
  • Orientation or Training
  • Minimum of 8 hours a week.
  • Category
    People With Disabilities