WorldBeat Cultural Center
Publicity Volunteer
Company: WorldBeat Cultural Center
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Location: San Diego, CA, 92101, US
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Job Description

Volunteers should be interested in learning or participating in press and social media. Working at WorldBeat Center in publicity requires creativity, patience, diligence, and constant communication. Experience is not needed but is encouraged. Volunteers will be collaborating amongst WBC Staff sharing ideas and making the most of our over 30 press and media networks.


-Active promotions in all applicable social and mobile media networks sites like media sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, BandsInTown, etc
-Communication of wbc messages to appropriate staff
-Constant engagement amongst audience of social media networks.
-Research new media exposure opportunities for upcoming events
-Research and engage with music, arts and culture press contacts.
-Keep all social networks updated with latest event details

Arts & Culture
Media & Broadcasting
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