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ESL Tutor Needed to Provide Embedded (In-Class) Support at CUNY in the Heights on Saturdays
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Location: 5030 Broadway New York, NY 10034
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The City Tutors (CT) is looking for tutors to provided embedded (in-class) academic support in ESL for students at the CUNY in the Heights this fall. The class meets on Saturdays from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm, and tutors with work with basic level learners in the class.

This is a great opportunity for students who are majoring (or have already earned a degree) in the course area to enhance their knowledge and experience and who are interested in tutoring. In this role, you would collaborate with an instructor to improve students’ performance while being supported and guided by an experienced academic support professional.

The tutor for CUNY in the Heights is expected to commit a minimum of two hours to support the class on Saturday. You would identify and support students who are struggling, and provide feedback to students so that they may improve their fundamental understanding of the material. You might also design assignments, identify/track students who are struggling and create differentiated instruction as the need arises. You will be supported throughout this process by the City Tutors staff.

All tutors are also expected to complete a four session comprehensive, professional training regimen. 6 hours of live training, plus another hour and a half for orientation. This is a commitment of 7.5 hours of in person training, and 4 hours of supplemental training for a total of 11.5 hours of training over the course of the Fall semester.

Training days will be determined based on your schedule and that of the Tutor Training Coordinators.

CT's tutoring program has been successful in helping students gain access to support that they otherwise would not have received, given their limited time spent on campus. Having a tutor in the class early in the semester will allow us to employ strategies to reduce withdrawals and student failure rates. Your work with us would help the students’ overall subject area performance, and help us improve this educational support model, reaching more students and departments with comprehensive academic support.

Learn more about CUNY in the Heights here:

To apply, you must:

  • Have received an A- or A in the introduction to the subject course you are applying to tutor
  • Have a GPA at or above 3.2, or have completed a degree program
  • Submit monthly reports, keep a log sheet of any tutoring appointments done outside of class, and regularly communicate with the tutor training coordinator.
  • General requirements
    • Two hours every week
    • 7.5 hours of live training
    Education & Literacy
    Skills Area
    Adult Education
    English as a Secondary Language (ESL)