Baltimore County Christian Workcamp
Home repair for the needy by volunteers of all ages
Company: Baltimore County Christian Workcamp
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Location: 1912 Old Court Road (Old Court Rd and W. Joppa Rd), Towson (base), MD, 21204
Project Details

[Note--The public health recommendations associated with addressing the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in modifying the 2020 BCCW. Changes to the typical BCCW are within brackets.]

The Baltimore County Christian Workcamp (BCCW) is in its 37th year repairing homes and assisting those in Baltimore County during one full week in July (albeit a limited amount of work is done throughout the year). The 37th one will be Monday July 19- Friday July 24, 2020. All sorts of repairs and assistance may be done, e.g.:

  • ramp building
  • painting (inside and outside)
  • plumbing
  • gutter and downspout
  • railings
  • electrical
  • appliance replacement
  • house and yard clean-up
  • [Only OUTDOOR projects will be done during the 37th annual BCCW.]

    This is based on the workcamp model where people travel out-of-state or out-of-country to assist others; however, BCCW is based at a church west of Towson and all sites are within Baltimore County. It is a commuters' workcamp as commitments are only for a day (or more) and volunteers sleep in their own bed at night, plus it is more economical than those away from the County. Many church youth groups participate. On Sunday preceding the week, volunteers can attend a silent auction fundraiser, kick-off dinner, and orientation meeting; then Monday-Friday, breakfast at the host church (including packing a lunch), and dinners at different churches. [Volunteers will NOT be meeting at the host church in 2020. The Sunday activities will NOT occur, plus there will be NO breakfasts/packing lunches and NO dinners during the week. Volunteers will go directly to their chosen or assigned sites.]

    For more information, check out [Because of COVD-19, there will be additional safety precautions to be followed at all sites, e.g., social distancing, the use of masks, etc., as denoted on the BCCW website]

    In addition to this one week of concentrated work at sites, BCCW also has need for ancillary support throughout the year, to include, but not limited, to the following tasks:

    *attending our planning meetings during the year
    *assisting the co-chair, secretary, or treasurer
    *assisting with promotion to media and churches for potential workers
    *coordinating meals during the BCCW week [There are NO meals in 2020.]
    *assisting with the silent auction on Sunday July 19 (e.g., coordinating the volunteers who solicit donations, soliciting auction donations, preparing spreadsheets)[There is NO silent auction in 2020.]

    Some of the above does not necessarily require attending the planning meetings or the BCCW week; some can be done from your home (and in climate controlled environment) on your schedule.

    If interested in any support activities associated with BCCW, send an email to

    General requirements


  • Must be at least 16
  • Orientation or Training
  • See video on July 19, 2020 at Kick-Off Dinner or on-line at BCCW website [It will need to be watched online, keeping in mind that the video has not been updated to reflect the 2020 changes.]
  • Under 16 requires adult supervision
  • Category
    People With Disabilities
    Skills Area
    Home Repair
    Marketing & Communications (Mar/Com)
    Public Relations
    Administrative Support