NorthPoint Health & Wellness Center, Inc.
Children's Book Shelf Assistant
Company: NorthPoint Health & Wellness Center, Inc.
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Location: 1313 Penn Ave N., Minneapolis, MN, 55411
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Medical, Dental and Mental Health Clinic

Did you know that reading aloud to young children promotes development of a part of the brain associated with learning to read? Imaging of brain activity in 3 to 5-year-old children as they listened to age-appropriate stories showed differences in brain activation according to how much the children had been read to by adults. Read the complete study here:

You can help with the NorthPoint clinic book shelf by supporting us in the following ways: 1) Bring your own children's books to read to children (no religious books please), 2) pick up books from our local community donors, 3) sponsor a book drive to collect donations of books for the clinic, and 4) read the books we have on hand and interact with the children in our lobby as they wait with parents for appointments and give away books to the young patients.

Clinic Hours are Mondays 9am-5pm, Tuesdays 9am-7pm, Wednesdays 9am-7pm, Thursdays 9am-5pm and Fridays 9am-5pm.

We ask volunteers to donate a minimum of 2 hours once a week to this position.

Volunteers must enjoy working with children, be outgoing, self-motivated and highly organized.

Volunteers under 14 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

General requirements


  • Background Check
  • 2 hours once a week minimum
  • Enthusiasm for Reading to Children! Youth under 14 years old must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Category
    Children & Youth
    Education & Literacy
    Immigrants & Refugees
    Skills Area
    Child Development