Animal Love Inc.
Looking for volunteers that love all animals
Company: Animal Love Inc.
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Location: 1567 Wacker Avenue SE, Palm Bay, FL, 32909
Project Details

The volunteer if not handling animals will just help in cleaning cages. I will take the animal/animals out of cage for cleaning and they will do the rest. Once cleaned, I will put animal back in the cage. If they are handling animals, they will go thru training on how to hold them and then give them off to a guest without anyone being bit. They will also get a booklet that will give them info on each animal that we have in the program. Once sign off on an animal and they learn the facts about the animals, they will get a chance to go on events with us. We go to schools, camps, flea market, assisted living facilities, outside events and some birthday parties. The age limit is 16 with parents signed permission to 101. Must not care about getting dirty or having an animal poo or pee on them and if handled properly, they won't get bit.

General requirements


  • Must be at least 16
  • Orientation or Training
  • unlimited
  • willing to learn and understand instructions
  • Category
    Skills Area
    Customer Service
    Community Outreach