Wholly H2o
Podcast Sound Engineer for fascinating water podcast
Company: Wholly H2o
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Location: Oakland, CA, 94612, US
Project Details

Who wants to listen to a boring podcast on water conservation? Not even me! So we've started a new podcast that will get folks fascinated with the substance water. Due to unforeseen circumstances, our awesome sound engineer can't continue with us, so she's completing the first episode (just have music left to add) and we are halfway through the second episode with one interview recorded and the second scheduled for before August 3rd.

We're starting with a series of 3 podcast shows - mix of interviews with a scientist and an artist - mixing cutting-edge scientific experimentation, art, personal experiences, poetry and music. We'll use these first three to garner followers and funding.

Please have gear and skills in audio recording and editing, be communicative and responsive, stay on deadlines, and ready to have fun with this project.

General requirements


  • Must be at least 18
  • 5-10 hours a week
  • knowledge and equipment for recording and editing; daytime weekday availability
  • Category
    Computers & Technology
    Skills Area
    Sound Production
    Environmental Education