Brighton Fire Department
Non-Firefighting Scene Support First Responder
Company: Brighton Fire Department
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Location: 3100 East Ave, Rochester, NY, 14610
Project Details
BFD relies upon a variety of volunteers to support our firefighters at fire scenes. Our scene support roles are great for those who are young at heart, but no longer able to serve in a firefighter's role.

Brighton Fire Department is not just comprised of firefighters! When there's an emergency, smart minds, cool heads, and ready hands are needed to perform a variety of non-firefighting tasks on the incident scene and back at the firehouse.

Whether it is your interest or age that may preclude you from serving as a firefighter, BFD would love to consider you for service to the community as one of our scene support members. This role could involve the following:

  • First response medical services
  • Driving apparatus
  • Tool & Equipment maintenance,
  • Cleaning up at emergency scenes
  • Preparation/delivering of food or supplies at extended-duration incidents
  • Setting-up and breaking-down training events
  • General requirements


  • Driver's License Needed
  • Background Check
  • Orientation or Training
  • Typically one evening per week
  • Increased flexibility in time commitments depending upon past experience
  • Category
    Disaster Relief
    Emergency & Safety
    Skills Area
    Disaster Response
    Disaster Cleanup
    People Skills
    Problem Solving
    Critical Thinking