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Use your professional skills to help entrepreneurs in your area succeed!
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Location: Virtual: Email or Phone, Newfield, NY, 14867
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Make a difference, foster innovation, and grow professionally in the process by becoming a Business Mentor.
Be a part of the small business and entrepreneurial boom in New York State.

Volunteer with Business Mentor NY and give back to your local business community!

Business Mentor NY features:

  • Skills-based volunteerism by individuals that capitalizes on personal talents or core business skills, experience or education to support small business owners and entrepreneurs.
  • Assistance that is specific and action oriented on the part of the small business.
  • Business mentor volunteers act as pro-bono advisors or sounding boards for the small business owners that are looking for guidance.
  • Small business mentoring provides a potential solution to accessing needed information and expertise through a streamlined process, enabled by technology.
  • Mentors connect with small businesses for one-on-one guidance in a range of business issues, from lending general business guidance to specialized technical advice.

    Business Mentor NY is designed to allow volunteers to use their skills efficiently, with maximum impact.

    As a web-based virtual service it is extremely flexible - you set the schedule and the expectations with your mentee, putting in however much time that is right for you. Meanwhile, our support staff is by your side every step of the way to help you succeed as a mentor.

    Based upon our 2017 user survey, 95% of Business Mentors responded that they found their experience satisfying, with 89% of Mentors feeling that they made a useful contribution to their entrepreneurs' business and 74% thought that the experience was valuable to their own professional growth!

    Business Mentor NY is an exciting opportunity to not only utilize your core skills to help small businesses but also drive your own professional development, hone leadership skills, and expand your skill set!


    Skills Area
    Strategic Planning
    Interactive/Social Media/SEO
    Marketing Strategy & Planning
    Customer Acquisition