Women and Families Ascending Association (WAFAA)
Grant Writing #Internship at WAFAA Organization
Company: Women and Families Ascending Association (WAFAA)
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Location: 964 Main Street, Paterson, NJ, 07503
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WAFAA Women and Families Ascending Association Do you want to serve a great organization that interfaces with Senators and other powerful policy makers in assisting domestic violence victims to break out of the cycle of violence, and start their lives anew? Then WAFAA Organization is the answer. WAFAA Organization assists these victims by providing them with shelter provisions, career counseling and opportunities, crisis intervention, court assistance, cultural sensitivity training, and anger management services. WAFAA Organization is seeking a seasoned grant writer to assist WAFAA Organization in obtaining government, private, and other grants in the quest for the continued funding of WAFAA Organization. Grant writing involves writing, research, organization, time management, and analytical skills, which employers in any profession value. Grant writing at WAFAA Organization is the gateway to exciting careers in grant writing, research, project management, and analysis! If you are good in one or more of the following skill areas, please contact Wafaa Saad, WAFAA Organization Director, at metwallyw1@gmail.com , or at 973 - 766 - 2406. Developing and writing grant proposals to grant-making organizations, Persuasively communicating the organization’s mission and programs to potential funders; Drafting and submitting grant requests, including letters, proposals, budgets, and presentations; Establishing and maintaining contact and relationships with foundations and program officers; Ensuring prompt acknowledgement of foundation gifts; Maintaining calendar to ensure timely submission of letters of inquiry, proposal deadlines, and reports; Conducting research; Prioritizing projects, and conducting project management, meet deadlines and manage supplemental material required for proposals’ Writing major donor and individual contribution letters and acknowledgements. Successful candidates will be able to craft proposals which intrigue readers, and obtain funding for WAFAA Organization. Successful grant writers will have 2-3 years of experience obtaining grant funding. Candidates must have a Bachelors degree, and must be working on a Master’s degree. Candidates with Masters degrees are preferred. Grant writers must have strong computer skills, and possess experience researching Grants databases.