StandUp for Kids - San Antonio, TX
Director of Kid Development (& Assistant Director of Kid Development)
Company: StandUp for Kids - San Antonio, TX
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Location: San Antonio, TX, 78201
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StandUp For Kids is committed to the help and rescue of homeless and street kids. We do this, every day, in cities across America. We carry out our mission through our volunteers who go to the streets in order to find, stabilize and otherwise help homeless and street kids improve their lives. We have been on the streets since January 1990 and continue to grow our organization to help America's homeless youth.

The Director of Kid Development assists homeless and at-risk youth with their educational development and job training. Also responsible for implementing training programs and/or tutoring programs to assist kids with reading, writing, mathematics and other necessary subjects.

  • Help kids obtain a high school diploma or GED;
  • Help kids trace and recover their previous school records;
  • Help kids find the appropriate school for them (public, alternative, trade);
  • Assist kids acquire a job and/or assist kids with Job Corps.
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    Children & Youth
    Education & Literacy
    Homeless & Housing