ERDT/SHARE! High School Exchange
MAKE A DIFFERENCE in a Young Person's Life!
Company: ERDT/SHARE! High School Exchange
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Location: citywide Spring, TX 77380
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Start Making A Difference Today!

Volunteer Host Families- with or without children- are needed to make a difference in a young person's life. Host an international exchange student for the upcoming semester or academic year and do just that!

Our Host Families

SHARE! Host families are as diverse as our students! Host families can be two-parent households with young children or teenagers, single parent families, families with adopted
children, foster parents, as well as couples or single people who do not have children or who have grown children. Host families provide basic room and board for the students while they attend the local high school closest to their host family's home.

Families are able to select the student that best suits their family.

SHARE!'s Amazing Students

SHARE! students, between the ages of 15 and 18 all speak English, have spending money, and medical insurance. They come from over 30 countries, all around the world like Germany, Belgium, Ecuador, Brazil, China, France, Sweden,
Ethiopia, Spain, Thailand and Czech Republic. Students have their own medical and dental insurance as well as spending money for personal expenses.

Contact Heather at 832-785-8822 or Yvette at the home office of SHARE! at 1-800-941-3738 to start your adventure!

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