Esquina Tango Cultural Society of Austin
Volunteer with Esquina Tango - A vibrant non-profit!!
Company: Esquina Tango Cultural Society of Austin
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Location: Esquina Tango, 209 Pedernales St., Austin, TX, 78702
Project Details

Volunteer at Esquina Tango and help us build a vibrant and diverse community. Esquina Tango has been around since 2006 and volunteers have always played a valuable role in our organization. There are opportunities for volunteers, interns, and groups who would like to be part of the "Esquina Team".

Most of our normal volunteer time slots are on the weekends (Thursday through Saturday) in the evenings, since that is when we have our events. We have super fun events that include Social dancing, Flamenco shows, live music, movie night and more! Volunteers can check our current event page on our website to see specific events. Jobs during evening events may include set up, charging at the door and clean up. Volunteers sign for the time/date that works best with their schedule.

Volunteers interested in working during the daytime may work in our office, which mostly consists of administrative responsibilities. For this, we usually work out a schedule one on one that fits volunteers’ availability.

Volunteers may also ask about taking part in our work-trade program that allows them to use volunteer time towards credit that can be redeemed for the classes we offer.

General requirements


  • Volunteer slots are 2 to 3 hours per event.
  • Reliability and being on time!
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    Customer Service
    People Skills
    Event Management