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Looking for bird care assistants
Company: B2L House
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Location: Wild Eagle St, San Antonio, TX, 78255
Project Details
Faith is a cockatiel with leg injuries. She cant stand or walk but still moves around the cage and enjoys life and with proper support and care will be able to hopefully do so for a long time.

Do you love birds? We need your help cleaning cages and maintaining the current setup. You will work side by side with me and I will teach you about each and every bird, their special needs and care requirements. Bird experience is of course welcome but not a must. You should be reliable and able to commit to a regular schedule. We can only accept volunteers available between 9am and noon. Due to significant learning requirements we expect a commitment for at least 6 month and a minimum of 4 days per week. Thanks a lot for your consideration.

General requirements


  • Background Check
  • Monday to Friday 9am - noon, minimum 4 days/week
  • Reliable, on time, good communication skills, ability and willingness to learn
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