Seal Society of San Diego
Volunteer docent for the Seals at Casa Beach in La Jolla
Company: Seal Society of San Diego
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Location: Casa Beach/Children's Pool, 849 Coast Blvd., La Jolla, CA, 92037
Project Details

If you're looking for an opportunity to:

1. Docent (teach the public/visitors) about marine mammals in their natural habitat - not captured in a swimming pool.

2. Meet other people who love animals and care about the environment

3. See wildlife in an urban environment (La Jolla's Children's Pool Beach) and have the opportunity to watch harbor seals through pregnancy, birth, and the raising of pups by their moms, as well as their every day lives.....

Then look no further!

There is a colony of approximately 200 harbor seals in La Jolla that need our protection. These seals rest, give birth to, and raise their pups on a small stretch of public beach that is visited year round by local residents, as well as visitors from around the world!

As a volunteer docent you will educate the public about this harbor seal colony. You will inform people that seals are wild animals, very shy and frighten easily. In order to prevent unintentional harassment, staying off the beach is best. Also, you will call and report any incidents of intentional seal harassment that do occur to the National Agency responsible for protecting wildlife.

November through May is a critical time for the seals as the females need more uninterrupted rest during the final trimester of their pregnancies, and once the pups are born (January through April), they need approximately four to six weeks to bond with, teach, and wean their pups. We had a very successful pupping season this year, with 50 pups born. Please contact us today!

Volunteer shifts are generally for two to three hours, 2x per month. You are free to sign up on the group's calendar based on your availability. The flexibility is incredible!

Every extra minute of rest the seals get because of your time volunteered helps to increase their survival. Please contact us today!

General requirements


  • Must be at least 18
  • Two three hours shifts at the beach (but flexible)
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