Work Remotely, Record Male or Female Voice (18-24 yr.-old) (A total 10 to 20 hours to complete)
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Project Details
Virtual volunteering for good cause.

Does your your speaking voice sound like an authentic American male or female college student? Can you enunciate clearly and project your voice with enthusiasm and still sound genuine? Or do you know someone you can record that satisfies these characteristics. Improve your audio production skills, build your resume/portfolio for broadcast journalism, acting, voice-over or public speaking careers while helping to end poverty in the U.S.

App to Succeed, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, intends to end poverty and narrow the income gap in the U.S. by engaging at-risk Americans in effective, comprehensive information on personal finance and other relevant topics to provide the knowledge they need to become financially self-sufficient and successful.

The current project, is a unique, web-accessed, learning experience; designed to engage 16-19-year-olds in highly visual, interactive content that is personalized to each teen’s interests, goals, abilities and learning styles. The content is the equivalent of a high school course in personal finance and much more.

You will play the role (or record someone who plays the role) of a male guide, in your early twenties, who informally helps a teen through two of the six segments of the program. Your voice must be genuine, and easy to understand (no heavy accents or dialects). Record your voice, using a script with the director's written direction to give you an idea of how the lines are intended to be delivered. Or improvise using your own words.

This entire assignment should not take more than a total of 20 hours. You can finish in a few days or a few weeks.

-Have your own recording equipment. (You computer or phone with a mike and recording capabilities may be used as long as it produces a quality recording.)
-Have a quiet place to record.
- Have the ability to enunciate words clearly and project them with authentic enthusiasm without sounding
-A background or interest in action or media announcer is preferred.
-Be willing to record some lines more than once to get the desired result.
-Maturity to work virtually. (Or you have the option to record at headquarters in Stamford, CT.)
-Meet deadline for recording, as mutually agreed.

As a young nonprofit we cannot yet pay our interns but we do offer other forms of compensation.
-If you deliver an exceptional result, exceeding expectations, and good enough to use in the program, you will receive a letter of reference, written and signed by the CEO, plus:
-If you fulfill your commitment to the project, your name will be acknowledged on the Volunteer page of the organization's website and acknowledged in the trailer of the program when it is published.
You may work any day, or time for any duration to fit your schedule as long as you meet the August 15th deadline.
You may work remotely, saving the time and expense of commuting.
General requirements


  • Must be at least 19
  • Until CEO approves recording. Estimate recording time 15-20 hrs.
  • Motivated to produce quality audio track.
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    Children & Youth
    Media & Broadcasting
    Race & Ethnicity
    Skills Area
    Theater Arts
    Public Speaking
    Sound Production