Crowdfunding Campaign Manager
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Project Details

Do you have experience in crowdfunding? Lead a small team in the design and execution of a crowdfunding campaign. App to Succeed, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization that strives to break the cycle of poverty in the United States by developing best-in-class educational programs specifically designed to engage at-risk Americans. The project you will be raising funds for is a unique online learning experience for 16-19-year-olds that provides the information all teens need to become financially independent and successful.

Reporting directly to the President of App to Succeed, Inc., you and your team will spend approximately 5 weeks planning and preparing; 4 weeks implementing the campaign; and 5 weeks acknowledging,
evaluating and adding information to database.

1. Choose the best crowdfunding site for our organization and project. (research has been done)

2. Review our research regarding what makes a successful crowdfunding campaign.

3. Design a campaign for App to Succeed based on your findings.

4. Create copy and visuals, for all elements of the campaign.

5. Execute the campaign.

6. Execute the immediate acknowledgements as promised.

7. Evaluate the outcome of the campaign, identify lessons learned and make recommendations on how to
improve results in the next campaign.

8. Enter all participant information into the database

9. Draft and distribute the success of the campaign to all participants

10. Draft and distribute a letter that proves the money they donated was used as donors expected it to be.

We regret, as a nonprofit, we are not, yet, able to pay our interns, but we do offer other forms of compensation:
1. Your name will be posted on the App to Succeed website when you fulfill your internship/Volunteer
2. A personal letter of reference, written by the CEO will be awarded to interns who do exceed expectations and make a significant contribution to the project.
3. Academic credit and/or community service hours are given, with school approval.
4. An Internship Certificate will be awarded to interns who fulfill their time commitment and meet
5. You will learn personal finance information while working on this project that will benefit your own
financial management.
7. Flexibility:
- Hours are flexible
- Start dates and end dates are flexible.
- Work can be done remotely and meetings can be held by conference call services, saving the time and cost of commuting.

General requirements


  • Must be at least 19
  • 20 hr/4 wk campaign, 12 hrs/ 5 wk before & after
  • Maturity and motivation to work virtually, and to design and run a successful crowdfunding campaign.
  • Category
    Children & Youth
    Computers & Technology
    Race & Ethnicity
    Skills Area
    Basic Computer Skills
    Database Administration
    Adobe Creative Suite
    Graphic Design