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Promote Sustainable Food & Clothing Production: Sustainable Agriculture
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Help promote sustainable agriculture.

Leonardo Academy has developed LEO-4000, standard for sustainable agriculture. This standard defines sustainability for crops and in the future will also address sustainability for animal production. This standard provides guidance to farmers on implementing sustainability and clear communication of farm sustainability achievements from the farmers to the consumers.

We have numerous volunteer and unpaid intern opportunities available. These are virtual opportunities, you can volunteer over the web regardless of you geographic location. Volunteer opportunities include: writing projects, marketing projects, web design projects, creating mobile apps, web outreach projects, analysis projects, social media projects, literature research projects and more. We can tailor your projects to fit your interests, talents and available time. You can help shift agriculture toward sustainability. You can help provide clear communication between producers and consumers about how sustainably food and other agricultural products like fiber are produced.

LEO-4000 is being developed using the American National Standard Institute (ANSI) process

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