Mercy Airlift
Acquisition Manager
Company: Mercy Airlift
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Project Details

We are in need a person familiar with basic construction equipment and suppliers to help us acquire equipment needed for providing disaster relief services to natural and man-made disasters throughout the United States. This equipment includes backhoes, skid and steer equipment, air compressiors and associated materials, shovels, picks, water hoses and water trucks.

A volunteer is also needed who is familiar with trucks to assist in locating 20 to 24 foot bob tail trucks for use in our Mercy Food Bank. The vehicles will be used to pickup foods and distribute to pantries and groups who depend on Mercy Food Bank to supply them with foods on a daily basis.

We are also in need of a volunteer who can help us secure shipping containers from major shipping companies. These containers are used for storage, shipping medical supplies and donated equipment to our facilities and facilities we support in Mexico and Central America.

Disaster Relief