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Project need

The primary objective is to help us create and implement a Public Relation plan to increase public awareness of our organization and our mission. It would be extremely meaningful if we are able to engage a high-profile individual who shares a passion for addressing the educational and success disparity that haunts the population of Mt. Vernon. Mt. Vernon is the only major city in the state of New York, were Minorities represent the majority of the population with African American at almost 70%.

A city that compromises less than 10% of the affluent Westchester County’s total population but accounts for the majority of the county’s murder rate is unacceptable to our organization. Mount Vernon has a higher crime rate, poverty rate, unemployment rate and consistently graduates 25% to 45% less students each year from it public schools than those in the surrounding communities. We seek to provide these children and children from the region with access and exposure to enhanced, challenging STEM learning that when coupled with hard work and persistence will allow them to break through existing barriers and achieve life success. Over the last three years, we have successfully delivered almost 20 after-school, weekend and summer STEM learning programs to at-risk, underserved students attending public schools in Mt. Vernon, NY. With the support of a PR professional, we will execute on a plan that will support advancing our mission to the next stage that includes our securing the capacity to significantly expand our engagement to include many more students.

General requirements


  • As much time as you are willing to contribute
  • An interest in driving change for the underserved and at-risk population.
  • Category
    Children & Youth
    Education & Literacy
    Race & Ethnicity
    Skills Area
    Brand Development & Messaging
    Business Development & Sales Management
    Marketing & Communications (Mar/Com)