UNI: University Liaison @ Rutgers New Brunswick
Company: JerseySTEM
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Location: New Brunswick, NJ, 08901, US
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JerseySTEM recruits College students to coach/teach STEM classes to underserved kids in New Jersey.
For that, we mobilize:
- Volunteer College Students to teach,
- Libraries and Middle Schools to host
- Corportations to sponsor

The University Liaison serves as a conduit between JerseySTEM and the different institutions affiliated with the university.

- Coordinate and/or Attend career fairs (twice a ear)
- Connect with Deans and faculty to explore opportunities
- Connect with students groups, collegiate chapters of professional societies to explore parterships

This is a long term position. You are ideally attending Rutgers University and can do this on the side of going to school until you graduate. You are also ideally involved in school government or other organizations that get you access to decision makers like sororities/fraternities/club involvevment. You also may have networking experience.

Estimated time:
- 2-4 hours/week. Mostly email.

We need someone who is willing to volunteer with us over a long period of time - a year or more because relationships created while networking take a long time.

Please submit a resume and.or a linkedin profile.

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