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Project Love Coalition

NEW BOARD MEMBERS NEEDED -- The Project LOVE Coalition (PLC) is looking for new board members. If you are interested or know someone who might be interested in serving on the PLC Board of Directors or Advisory Board please contact us for more details.

Project Love Coalition (PLC) Mission: Empowering veterans to restore love, pride, and purpose in neighborhoods through STEAM based projects, community building, new workforce development and housing.

Project LOVE Coalition began as a group of veterans, artists, professionals, parents, and youth concerned with the poor quality of life in the Hill District and other areas in the region. PLC was founded to address issues facing all Veterans. PLC is currently looking for a space to operate community service activities and trainings involving veterans and civilians/non-veterans.

We have several special project initiatives, two specifically are called the Veterans Arts + Housing Collaborative initiative that has a mission to build housing for homeless veterans and the Agricultural Workforce + Entrepreneurial Training to provide agricultural opportunities. Additionally, PLC would like to build a service center from the ground up. A place for Veterans from Allegheny County to get training, education, help in Pittsburgh’s Hill District. Visit for more information.

The PLC seeks 2-3 new board members to help build the current momentum. Board members should preferably possess 3-5 years of nonprofit board service, but not required. In addition, the PLC seeks board members with social justice, agricultural/gardening, financial management, legal, nonprofit administration, and arts education expertise. PLC board member responsibilities include:

  • Attending monthly and/or quarterly board meetings
  • Working with the President and Chief Operations Officer to implement the tactics and realize the goals outlined in the organization’s recent business plan
  • Actively advocating for the PLC in the region to pursue community engagement and fundraising opportunities
  • Committing to serving the PLC for a two year term as a board member
  • Participating in at least one board subcommittee (Veterans, Arts, Love and Peace, Youth Mentors, Business Networking, etc.)

  • Interested parties should email PLC president Kent Bey at . In the body of the email, they should include a brief narrative explaining how their skills and experience would support the PLC’s growth and impact. Preferably, a PDF copy of their resume should be included, but a resume is not required.

    Thank you for your consideration.
    General requirements


  • Must be at least 18
  • A minimum of 1 hour each month
  • Volunteers should be able to engage other cultures and veterans
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    Board Development
    Skills Area
    Strategic Planning
    Public Relations