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Global Health Volunteer: Restauración, Dominican Republic
Company: Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children
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Location: Philadelphia, PA, 19102, US
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FIMRC's project site in the Dominican Republic serves the community of Restauracion, which shares a border with the Haitian village of Tilori, unfortunately lending itself to the transmission of many infectious diseases such as cholera and tuberculosis. A little more than half of the country lives in poverty and health trends show that incidence of infectious disease is declining, while the prevalence of chronic non-communicable disease is on the rise. The population of Tilori is unofficial, but ranges in the thousands, and these people are making the 12km trek to the municipal hospitals in Restauracion.

There are 5 rural clinics in the municipality of Restauracion supported by the public health system. The problem is the public health system covers treatment for documented Dominican citizens, which allows marginalized communities with no health education to fall through the cracks and die from treatable diseases such as malnutrition and diarrhea. Less than 3% of public spending is received by the health sector, which creates under qualified personnel and inadequate systems and resources.

The common health problems in the area are readily treatable with preventative measures, education initiatives and continuous healthcare monitoring. Coupled with these medical issues are equally persistent social problems--the absence of clean water and sanitation facilities, absent or overcrowded schools, underemployment, and overwhelming poverty. In the face of these obstacles, FIMRC and its volunteers make a significant difference in the lives of Dominican and Haitian citizens alike.

As a volunteer, health education will target areas such as reproductive health, AIDS awareness, pre natal care and many other vital health care topics. They will be implemented with women’s’ groups and local schools.

FIMRC's Global Health Volunteer Program is open to volunteers of all ages and educational or professional backgrounds. We accept individual and group volunteers year round!

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