Cleveland Dept. of Public Health
Mobile Food Pantry (Food is Medicine)
Company: Cleveland Dept. of Public Health
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Location: 11100 St. Clair Ave., J. Glen Smith Health Center, Cleveland, OH, 44108
Project Details
So exciting -- volunteers after our pantry!

This is a chance to give back to the community-at-large. We would love to have you join our family of volunteers for the Mobile Food Pantry! Please note that the Food is Medicine, Mobile Food Pantry runs from March - November of each year. We are closed in the winter (December, January and February).

Here's some general information:

  • Dress accordingly as to the weather.
  • Treat everyone as you would like to be treated!
  • Civil Service Training
  • Do not discriminate; no unequal treatment. No one should be jumping ahead in line. We give out numbers starting at 3pm. Lines are formed at 3pm, no sooner.
  • We are here to serve - and to have some fun!
  • Pointers: I need volunteers to be
  • Greeters (3). These are persons who will help keep the line moving.
  • Extras to help with those who may need assistance In making sure they have their ID’s. (4)
  • Traffic flow (line) (3) outside
  • Hand outs (1). This position encourages others to pick up handouts (i.e., recipes, other flyers) as they move through the line.
  • Two (2) registration persons (these are the data entry persons). Should be a quick typist.
  • Outside - those that assist with the produce. Need four to run - ten inside / four -five outside. We will need enough to run the produce from outside as well as taking produce out for clients (2-4 additional).
  • Put all trash in the dumpster, broken down (2). J Any meat, please discard.
  • Bag: I have a limited number of donated bags. Once these are gone, they are gone. These are set on the counter in the multi-purpose room. We can sometimes use the boxes that the produce comes in. There are boxes in the rear of the room (and when we are out, we are out).Other information: Breaks (tell the person next to you)Helping others and Smile! When in doubt ask either myself or the other Incident Commander (to be named). If there is a confrontation with another client, please come get one of us. We aim to always be courteous and kind. My cell is 216-857-7467
  • Do not help yourself before we are finished! We can unobtrusively put things away but not in front of the clients!
  • Restrooms
  • Water (fountains or in lunchroom)
  • General requirements


  • Must be at least 18
  • Orientation or Training
  • Three hours per event
  • Must be able to stand and lift 10 pounds
  • Category
    Emergency & Safety
    Health & Medicine
    Skills Area
    Basic Computer Skills
    Event Management
    Database Administration