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CrowdDoing San Francisco-based Impact finance venture planning volunteer
Company: Advance Social Innovation
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Project Details

We need CrowdDoing San Francisco-basedImpact finance venture planning volunteers to help the social enterprise sector. We need strong impact finance venture planning volunteerfor business plans, impact investing, future financial needs analysis. We are creating virtual finance data analysis volunteer opportunities of people who want to volunteer for 100 hours over the next 6 months who plan to make a 3 hour period available one day a week for most weeks to help Advance Social Innovation for which impact finance venture planning volunteer ASI goals of helping social enterprises, fundraising planning, for them, and helping them to grow through service learning.This is to help Advance Social Innovation- This will help social enterprises find a way to their next level through both expertise and tax benefits. Exeprtise is provided by volunteers engaging in extending service learning, interdisciplinary public problem solving and creating impact in communities as a consequence. We're early in our work and need a lot of help both helping social enterprises and getting our institution to the next level of scale of capacity so that we can have the impact we are seeking to have. But we need people with a vast variety of talents to seize micro leadership opportunities. We've learned from the Sucess of Open Source by Stephen Weber that volunteerism works best when an individual can identify something that they can do really well that they really want to work on and then get out of their way until their work needs to cross reference with the whole. We try to learn from that by mixing auto-didacts and highly qualified professionals in inter-disciplinary volunteer cohorts working to help social enterprises thrive. Help us help the social enterprise movement to thrive stronger than it has before.This is for San Francisco based volunteers.

General requirements
  • Must be at least 18
  • At least 100 hours over the next 6 months
Skills Area
Financial Planning
Cost Analysis
Project Management
CSR / Volunteer Coordination