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Training and Development for Systemic Change Volunteers (for CrowdDoing)
Company: Advance Social Innovation
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Training and Development for Systemic Change Volunteers (for CrowdDoing) will help CrowdDoing in its scaling process. CrowdDoing has had more than 2500 volunteers apply to help it. CrowdDoing was co-founded by Advance Social Innovation and Reframe it. CrowdDoing has helped more than 24 social enterprises through scoping their volunteer needs. Teams of global volunteers are virtually recruited and deployed with support from project managers, human resource business partners, and interdisciplinary volunteers who adopt through micro-leadership.
Training and Development for Systemic Change Volunteers (for CrowdDoing) will help all aspects of growing CrowdDoing leveraging under-utilized techniques to accelerate CrowdDoing's scaling. Parallel mini-teams and teams will help support CrowdDoing in coordination with marketing
We are looking for a Marketing Content Writer to support CrowdDoing with marketing material.
the person would help to write and publish various types of marketing material for our organization’s webpages.

Training and Development for Systemic Change Volunteers (for CrowdDoing) should be wiling to help to recruit volunteers through speaking with them in initial intake

* Comfort sourcing volunteers for a role category

* Enthusiasm to ensure effecive onboarding of service learning volunteers

* Effectively write position description that excite volunteers to join

* Motivating your team through coaching techniques to keep it productive and growing

* Willingness to think about social enterprise needs and translate these needs into role descriptions

* Comfortable to work virtually

* Interested in collaborating with CrowdDoing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team to learn from what social enterprises have expressed interest in with regards to volunteer engagements, and designing volunteer roles to match these constraints

* Bachelor’s degree

* Advanced training of some relevant kind

Content writer uses various Web formatting tools, such as HTML, CSS, and content management systems to help create branding/marketing work forCrowdDoing. Content writer should be able to produce contents such as marketing documents to advertise our products/service and
promoting our content on social media , web forms, articles and templates for CrowdDoing as well as to support marketing campaigns.
Training and Development for Systemic Change Volunteers (for CrowdDoing)
Help to train volunteers in how micro-leaership, service learning and massively multi-disciplinary collaboration can change the world.

Some typical responsibilities include:
* Coordinate with marketing and design teams to prepare and publish marketing contents
* Create and distribute marketing copy to advertise our company and products
* Conduct keyword research and use SEO guidelines to optimize content
* Promote content on social networks and monitor engagement
* Update our websites as needed.

* Proven work experience as a Content Creator, Copywriter or similar role
* Portfolio and/or published articles ( Preferred)
* Hands-on experience with Content Management Systems (Preferred )
* Excellent writing and editing skills in English

The role offers a Flexible time schedule

General requirements
  • Must be at least 18
  • 5 to 10 hrs per week
  • Marketing expertise
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Adult Education
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