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Impact Digital Scavenger Hunt Hackathon for Impact
Company: Advance Social Innovation
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Project Details

This is the social enterprise data harvesting for impact hackathon. We have gathered more than 200,000 tweets on social enterprise. Help us organize this information, identify resources that could help social enterprises at different stages of development, and build the sector and the field. There are multiple sections of the hackathon you can help in, from "potential for impact" to "impact achieved" to "cost-effectiveness". The Advance Social Innovation social enterprise data harvesting for impact hackathon. I ts a scavenger hunt! Please paste in tweets from our data set that you find, and identify which data set these are from in the far left collumn. Terms and condtions of volunteering can be found here ( and here: The goal is to label and harvest data from twitter on social enterprise so that we can create maps of resources that existin the sector for social enterprises.

General requirements
  • Must be at least 18
  • Prefer people who can take at least 10 hours
Education & Literacy
Skills Area
Business Analysis
Capacity Planning
SWOT / GAP Analysis
Business Planning
Product Development
Market Research