Location of the main office: OH, Canton, 328 Walnut Ave NE, 44702
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Company type Charitable company
Company profile Non-profit

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to improve healthy food access and advance food and farming education to everyone in Stark County. We envision a Stark County where a culture of healthy eating creates people who are healthier and communities that are rejuvenated and empowered. We are connecting growers, consumers, and producers to help create a food system that focuses on making locally-sourced, nutrient-dense, and affordable foods available to everyone in Stark County. We support learning and teaching opportunities that promote the growth, use, and sale of local foods and assist in the growth of urban agricultural employment.


We currently have four core programs that we deliver to our community that address these initial challenges that we had identified all those years ago.

Mobile Grocery Market

Our Mobile Grocery Market, otherwise known as the "Veggie Mobile" is our answer to bringing a variety of produce and fresh foods to individuals with mobility challenges throughout our community.

Urban Farming Sites

Nothing tastes better than homegrown produce. Our farm sites serve as a visual, hands-on ways for residents to learn how to start seeds, grow produce and gain valuable, transferable job skills.

We also provide educational opportunities and a Seed Library