Animal Love Inc.
Location of the main office: FL, Palm Bay, 1567 Wacker Avenue SE, 32909
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Brief information
Company type Charitable company
Company profile Non-profit

Mission Statement

We rescue unwanted exotic animals and then in turn they become our animal ambassadors for our hands on programs. We take them to schools, summer camps, assisted living facilities, birthday parties, church events, outside events and any place people want to learn about our wildlife. Everyone gets a chance to learn something about our animals, they get to either hold/touch most of the animals that we bring to the events. We want everyone to learn that snakes are not slimy, the number of eye lids a alligator has or how big is a Wallaby. The animals and our environment if not taken care of will not be here in the future. If animals become extent, then we are next.


We rescue exotic animals, care for them and get them use to people and in turn they help us teach everyone about themselves.