Trusted Mentors
Location of the main office: US, Indianapolis
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Company type Charitable company
Company profile Non-profit
Mission Statement

Trusted Mentors is a mentoring program which enables you to help prevent homelessness. Here you will form a supportive relationship with an adult from our local homeless prevention and re-entry programs to reduce the alienation of poverty and stress which makes becoming self-sufficient difficult. Are you willing to mentor to support a neighbor in need? Those who are, mentor our most vulnerable citizens; who are one paycheck, one illness, one decision away from waking up without a roof over their head. Your willingness to be a supportive and encouraging friend may help an individual or family develop new skills to remain housed.


Volunteer mentors join an organization which is passionate about mentoring. They are provided training and a personal interview before being matched one-on-one with an individual or family in a homeless prevention program. Volunteers sign up for 6 hours a month for a year and make a lasting impact on the community of Indianapolis.