The City Tutors
Location of the main office: US, New York
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Company type Charitable company
Company profile Non-profit
Mission Statement

The City Tutors was founded in 2013 by students and faculty interested in directly tackling the low retention rates at schools and in preparing students for life after college, using tutoring as a vehicle to accomplish both goals. Educational sites gain trained tutors and tailored programming that assists in supporting their at risk populations; tutors in return gain professional experience, and access to long term professional development.


CT provides academic support for students of all academic levels: those experiencing difficulty in particular courses, those with specific skill development goals, and those enrolled in courses with high overall withdrawal and failure rates.

Portfolio of programs, departments, institutions currently partnered with The City Tutors:

CCNY's College Now, RAPSI, and Continuing Professional Studies Programs

CCNY's Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership

Youth Action Youth Build, Harlem RBI, Urban Scholars, and Sugar Hill Apartment Complex

Each City Tutor receives personal professional support that starts with the creation of resumes and cover letters and advances to preparation for short and long term career goals. Tutors are linked to a wide network of students and professionals, and are supported in the application to jobs, internships and scholarships.

Guided by professional staff, tutors are encouraged to take ownership over improving programming. They perform program administration duties and are treated as collaborators entrusted to help improve the core tutoring services of CT. Tutors are selected to improve materials, create and revise training manuals, and better integrate material into the training curriculum; tutors inform the program of problems in sessions, challenges integrating methodology and complications with the learning assistance structure. At all stages, they are the beta-testers of the services and help to strengthen, revise and develop new programming each semester.