Berkshire Children and Families
Location of the main office: MA, PITTSFIELD, 480 WEST ST STE 2, 01201
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Mission Statement

Every child in a family; every family in a community


Central to BCF’s values is the belief that every child deserves to grow up in a healthy family and connected to a community. All children need and deserve successful, diverse, consistent and nurturing relationships in order to become strong, engaged adults.

BCF’s practice focuses on families across generations. This long-term view and our agency’s stability help us respond to the changing needs of children and families with an eye toward the future. We monitor emerging social trends and the changing demographics of the communities we serve in the Berkshires, Pioneer Valley, Hampshire County and throughout Western Massachusetts, to facilitate child adoption, foster care, parent support services and, ultimately, family success.

BCF cares for families and children through a lens of strength, working with each family’s skills and abilities, respecting what they value and believe. We focus on each family’s strengths while connecting them with resources to help them meet the challenges of everyday life.

Each plan created by, and with, families represents a "personal fit." These plans reflect understanding of child and family development and the recognition that everyone is at a different stage of their journey to find opportunities for growth and change. Each plan uses the right measure of support -- at the right time.

Relationships are the foundation of BCF’s practice. We recognize that relationships among families, children, friends, colleagues and others create the foundation for life-enriching and trusting connections. We view relationships as a way to "stand with" families so they are seen and heard, as well as ways to model and teach social skills that bring success for children and families. The relationships we create are appropriate, non-judgmental, and balanced regarding choices and consequences.

BCF fosters partnership and collaboration at all levels of work inside and outside of the agency, among BCF colleagues and programs, with other systems and service providers, and through entrepreneurship and advocacy on behalf of the children and families we serve.

BCF’s practice is reflective and creative. It is part of a culture of shared learning, of questions and discussions, of continuous professional development and ongoing improvement in the ways we serve our communities.