EmpowHer Institute
Location of the main office: CA, Los Angeles, 6109 So. Western Ave., suite 105, 90047
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Brief information
Company type Charitable company
Company profile Non-profit

Mission Statement

EmpowHer Institute’s mission is to empower girls and women by supporting them to gain the skills necessary through education, training and mentorship to seek fulfilling and productive lives. By providing early intervention and prevention programs designed to reduce the dropout rate of low-income middle- and high school girls.


Organization Overview

EmpowHer is an organization dedicated to using education and business ownership as empowerment tools for girls. Programs such as ours are sorely needed. According to the state's most recent report in July 2009, more than 40% of the Los Angeles Unified School District's Black students and 35% of the Latinos will not complete high school. Those numbers are much higher in the low-income communities served by EmpowHer Institute. The impact of dropping out of school on students who already face severe obstacles to employment, livable wages and civic participation, is both devastating and costly to the individual, the community and to the nation. Our program is designed to help students overcome many of the negative challenges that contribute to these statistics. Our curriculum is hands-on, relevant, inspiring and "real life" based.