Location of the main office: IN, South Bend, 4626 Burnett Dr., 46614
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Company type Charitable company
Company profile Non-profit

Mission Statement


The health, welfare and best possible placement for every animal placed in the care of our organization.

Recognition of the value of each animal life, and therefore, no euthanization of any animal unless determined by a veterinarian to be the most merciful treatment.

Spaying and neutering of every animal to help control pet overpopulation.

Educating the public as to pet care and welfare.


Pet Refuge is a not-for-profit "no-kill" animal shelter run by volunteers for the placement of unwanted and abandoned pets into responsible permanent homes. There is a waiting list to intake all animals that come into our shelter. The cat waiting list is running in excess of 4 months long and the dog waiting list runs an average of 1-3 months long. We recommend that while you have your cat or dog on our waiting list, you also try other options in trying to place them such as run an ad in the newspaper (please do not advertise for free). Also, check with family, friends, co-workers etc., to see if they can help you out. Screen potential interested parties for your pet and ask for references including a vet reference. Pet Refuge will try to help as many cats and dogs as possible; however, pet overpopulation is a problem in our community.