Forest Unlimited
Location of the main office: CA, Forestville, P.O. 506, 95436
Brief information
Company type Charitable company
Company profile Non-profit

Organization Information

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Forest Unlimited to protect the forests and watersheds of Sonoma County.


Forest Unlimited maintains the following programs:

Logging Review: We review and comment on logging plans submitted to the California Department of Forestry. One occasion, we fined it necessary to take suit against illegal logging plans erroneously aproved by the Department of Forestry.

Reforestation: Each year we organize about 100 volunteers to plant about 1200 redwood seedlings.

Urban Forestry: We organize creek cleanup and advocate for restoration of creek riparian zones and creekside parks. We also advocate for "daylighting" creeks.

Community Forests: We advocate for Community Forests grown at city wastewater plants to take the pressure off of natural forests.

Legislation: We advocate for legislation to protect forests and watersheds.

Education: We hold workshops in forestry law and regulation.