Women Organizing Resources Knowledge and Services (WORKS)
Location of the main office: CA, Los Angeles, 795 North Avenue 50, Enriched Services, 90065
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Company type Charitable company
Company profile Non-profit

Mission Statement

WORKS. builds caring and responsible Supportive Housing communities...one family at a time. This is not just our tagline....its what we do best. Our mission is to provide safe, attractive, quality housing, where our residents "feel at home" and enjoy a sense of pride and delight in their community. We feel it's equally important to offer our families supportive services targeted to improve their educational, social, economic advancement. By taking advantage of the tools and resources we offer, our residents are better equipped to achieve family harmony, financial stability, and self-reliance. As we rehabilitate deteriorating housing and revamp entire communities, we set down the stepping-stones that will lead families to greater accomplishments and set them on the path of continued growth and progress.


WORKS encourages and nurtures self- determination among families and individuals through learning, advocacy, support, and community building via the development of affordable housing, community centers, and child care facilities. Our Community Centers serve hundreds of at-risk children and parents in a non-judgmental and supportive environment. Everyone is encouraged to take an active role in shaping the services offered at the Community Center to fit their particular community's needs. This not only empowers those fragile families but also gives them ownership of their community and an opportunity to affect positive and dynamic change.