Cozy Cat Cottage Adoption Center
Location of the main office: OH, POWELL, 10344 Sawmill Road, P.O. Box 283, 43065
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Company type Charitable company
Company profile Non-profit

Mission Statement

Cozy Cat Cottage was established in 1998, our mission is to rescue from the streets of Central Ohio, homeless, abandoned and abused cats and kittens. Through volunteers and community support, we are able to provide medical attention in all areas and to provide a secure place to stay as long as needed. Cozy Cat Cottage believes that NO cat should ever be euthanized because it has no home.


Help care for the 200+ cats who are waiting adoption, by helping to clean enclosures, feed and water cats and basically all duties needed for keeping the no kill shelter a good place for the cats who wait for their forever homes. We always also need help with fundraising. Help groom and socialize cats and kittens. Foster homes are also needed for pregnant cats or orphaned kittens. There are so many opportunities at Cozy Cat to make a difference in the life of a cat who otherwise would be out on the streets or lined up for euthansia. Please consider giving just a little time - you will not find a better place to volunteer than Cozy Cat Cottage Adoption Center.