Nature Discovery Center
Location of the main office: TX, Bellaire, 7112 Newcastle, 77401
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Brief information
Company type Charitable company
Company profile Non-profit

Mission Statement

To ignite life-long curiosity, understanding, and respect for nature through education. We believe a personal connection to nature is an essential part of life.


The Nature Discovery Center's Goals are to spark interest in nature and science, nourish the inquiring mind, stimulate a desire to explore, discover, and learn, and keep a sense of wonder alive; to develop student’s critical thinking, problem solving, and reasoning skills needed in all walks of life, and give them the tools to explore, discover, and learn; to enrich and enhance educational opportunities for children, particularly those under-served, to improve their chances of success in school and in life; to improve the teaching of science in the elementary grades by example, teacher training, and publications; to advance general understanding of how nature affects our lives, and of the ecological systems that keep the earth in balance; and to foster love and respect for nature that inspires people to become responsible caretakers of the earth.