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Mission Statement

Fox Valley Food For Health’s mission is to promote a nutrition focused community through teen education and serving those struggling with a health crisis.


Cooking Caring Compassion Community

Founded in 2012 Fox Valley Food for Health teaches teens to grow organic produce and prepare healthy, beautiful meals that are delivered to patients dealing with serious illness, and their families. The program is unique in that four separate groups are brought together to create a healthier more connected community:

Patients and their families receive three to four healthy nutritious complete dinners, flavorful soups, a hearty salad and a healthy dessert weekly for 12 weeks without charge.

Caregivers have more time to focus on the emotional and practical needs of their family.

Teens receive focused training in cooking and gardening from mentors, many who are formally trained.

Adult volunteers gain a wonderful sense of fulfillment giving back to the community and fighting back against a disease that has affected so many.

Fox Valley Food for Health we know every bite needs to count! That’s why we prepare and deliver nutritious meals that enhance and support healing and better recovery outcomes.

Our meals not only support healing during crisis, but also aid our families in adopting good nutrition practices with whole foods that improve health and disease prevention.

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